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New dates released for yoga retreat days

Good news for fans of Catherine's seasonal yoga retreats!
14 May

New dates released for yoga retreat days

Good news for fans of Catherine of Helix Yoga: her immensely popular day retreats at Highway Hill are back for another few dates in 2018!

Catherine has been running yoga retreats since Highway Hill first opened, and her seasonal retreat days are proving so popular that recently they have been selling out every time. On the day, Catherine guides us through a morning movement session that is often designed to bring gentle attention to a particular area of the body, or explores a particular kind of movement. Sometimes this is linked to the seasonal theme of the day, such as in the winter retreat where we thought about ways to open up our bodies in response to the clenching and tightening that often happens in cold weather. We then share a delicious homemade vegetarian lunch and go for a walk around Highway Hill, often collecting fragments of natural materials to arrange together and use as a focus for the afternoon’s activities. After a cup of tea and a snack, we have a deeply restful restorative yoga session and end the day with a mindfulness meditation before going back out into the world.

Catherine’s approach to teaching is very accessible, as she uses clear and understandable language; the pace of her classes is generally very gentle, deliberate, and considered; and she constantly encourages her students to stay in touch and respect their own individual experiences. It’s certainly a teaching style that has been a hit for her returning students, and many people find that their concerns about ‘not being good at yoga’ are completely unnecessary in her classes.

The remaining dates for 2018 are:
Day Retreat: Mid-Summer – Sunday 17th June (for the first time, Highway Hill’s new communal-area tent will be used as part of the day!)
Day Retreat: Autumn – Sunday 30th September
Day Retreat: Welcoming Winter – Sunday 18th November

If you would like to book a place on one of these dates, book online or contact Catherine directly for more details.

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