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New accommodation for kids - Mr. Toad's Hideaway!

We are now offering this charming Romany caravan for children to stay in
1 Aug

New accommodation for kids – Mr. Toad’s Hideaway!

We’ve been keeping a little secret under our belt over here, and it’s finally ready to be released; as of this week, we have a new accommodation unit to add to our collection. Please meet Mr. Toad’s Hideaway!

This small Romany wagon came into our hands in April, but it needed a bit of renovation work and it ended up sitting in our barn for a few months before we got around to giving it the TLC it deserved. Having put a proper door on it and touched up some paintwork (courtesy of our favourite sign painter, Zoe Power), we’re pleased to say that it is now ready for guests to stay in.

The caravan is notably small (and adorable!) and with a bed of approximately 172cm x 110cm, we think it is going to suit children more than adults. This is reflected in the name we have chosen for it, with Mr. Toad, of course, being the character from Wind in the Willows who started the book with an obsession for gypsy caravans. The ‘Hideaway’ part of the name just reflects the cosy feel of the caravan, and the hope that it will help kids take cover from bossy parents if necessary!

Mr. Toad’s Hideaway will be available to rent as an ‘add-on’ to other bookings for children to stay in, and because it can be easily moved around, we can just pull it up alongside your shepherds hut or bell tent so that your little ones are safely nearby, but not directly under your feet. The caravan will be a flat fee of £40, but must be booked with another unit rather than on its own. Kids will have towels provided, as well as pillows with cases and an undersheet, but we ask that you bring a sleeping bag for them.

If you are interested in hiring Mr. Toad’s Hideaway for your little toads, please get in touch on and we will be happy to arrange it for you! Alternatively, you can book online via our home page.

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