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Archery and Bushcraft sessions with Aim on the Plain

25th and 26th October 2017
2 Nov

Archery and Bushcraft sessions with Aim on the Plain

Our first archery and bush craft workshops at Highway Hill on the 25th and 26th October were a huge success, with few spaces left unbooked and a hoard of happy tired children at the end of the day. Lead by Kevin Whitehorn of ‘Aim of the Plain’ – a new business hosting a range of children’s outdoor activities – these workshops are the first of their kind to be held at Highway Hill. We believe the local area and beautiful forest to be the perfect location for kids to run around and get their knees muddy, and with the variety of natural resources available in the forest, the workshops did not fail to keep the children busy and entertained!











The day was packed with exciting – and child-friendly – activities designed to utilise the surrounding area for survival techniques. This included fire-lighting (which were then used to roast marshmallows), den building, archery, games and a lovely walk in the woods with some basic foraging lessons alongside. The children were also given supervised free time to play and explore the woods to their heart’s content. All of the activities were, of course, carried out with the children’s safety as the highest priority, and there was even a briefing and test-run given at the beginning to ensure all children knew what to do in the case of an accident or emergency.

Feedback to the day was fantastic, with many wanting to return lateron in the year. This kind of activity, with the fresh countryside air certainly guarantees pink cheeks, muddy clothes and tired, happy children! We look forward to hosting more of Kevin’s workshops in the future, with the next session being held on the 21st December 2017. Book soon to get your place!


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